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  • Common rip-offs and mistakes to avoid when seeking chiropractic care
  • The truth about common misconceptions surrounding chiropractic care and how it can improve your daily life
  • How to avoid unnecessary treatments that could otherwise increase your health care costs

Once you have this information in your arsenal of consumer knowledge you will immediately be better equipped to make an informed decision about chiropractic care.

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By coupling the benefits of state-of-the-art chiropractic technology with highly advanced MedX spinal physical therapy machines, treatment at Alpine Spinal Rehab will correct and strengthen your back for long-term success — not just temporary pain relief. Click Here >>

The symptoms of whiplash can surface days after an auto accident. If left untreated, these soft tissue injuries can lead to serious problems. Come in for a post-accident examination today. Click Here >>

Our goal isn’t to give you a temporary pain relief (though we do relieve your back pain). Our goal is to help you HEAL and live life pain free. Our patients are often so appreciative that we focus on their entire health, not just “racking and cracking” them to collect a payment.

Includes a comprehensive health history exam, x-rays, spinal scan, diagnostic testing, and a report-of-findings.

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