Headache? Carpal Tunnel? Backache? Neck Pain? Work or Auto Accident?

We can help! We not only can get you out of pain but help you to strengthen your spine to eliminate future conditions.

The first question you are probably asking is…..
“What makes Alpine Spinal Rehab and Dr. Clark different from the other chiropractic offices?”

Several things make coming to our office a unique experience in healing.

MedX-resizeFirst: We are one of only a limited number of doctors in the state that use MedX, state of the art rehabilitation equipment. This equipment was developed in Medical schools in Florida and California. Our office is the only one in the state equipped with 4 medical MedX workout machines. They will not only strengthen your spine and improve your range of motion, but will also measure and track your progress. These machines are correct to within 1%. This allows us to have a treatment plan set up for you that has a beginning, a middle and best of all, an END.

State of The Art Computerized Adjusting-resizeSecond: You have two options for receiving your chiropractic manipulations. One is the hands-on normal chiropractic adjustment (manual manipulation). The other option is called the Ultraline. This computerized adjusting method allows for gentle, safe and effective manipulation of the spine for all ages. No twisting or “popping” involved. So for those of you who are reluctant to try a chiropractor because of the rumored stories you may have heard, you can rest assured that this will not be the case with Dr. Clark.

Third: Not only do we have state of the art equipment, as mentioned above, we also have a variety of passive therapies to help reduce pain and inflammation. We have an onsite x-ray machine as well. We also offer the benefit of two companies-one location-with our sister company, Bodyworks Bliss. Visit their website at BodyworksBliss.net This allows our patients to receive therapeutic massages with licensed massage therapists.

Last but not least: We have the friendliest, bi-lingual staff there is. The staff is here to answer any and all of the questions that you may have about your care, including cost, payment plans and insurance billing.

Watch the video below to hear from Dr. Clark himself and click on the red box on the right to visit our blog!

Dr. Clark – Expert Chiropractor in Provo


Includes a comprehensive health history exam, x-rays, spinal scan, diagnostic testing, and a report-of-findings.

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