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xray Detailed Examination

X-Rays and Evaluation

We know the importance of personalized treatment. For each patient we begin with a thorough evaluation of the spine and other pain points, allowing us to determine where and why your inflamation is occuring. In your first two visits we will conduct this evaluation by taking X-Rays, doing a detailed physcial examination, and then reviewing the results with you to determine the next steps of your treatment plan.

Tailor-Made Treatment Plan

Your tailor-made treatment plan will be based on elements of our Unique Dynamic Recovery Program. We utilize Chiropractic care (adjustments and alignments) to reduce and eliminate pain, and physical therapy to strengthen specific muscles and provide long-term relief. This dual approach is complimented by massage therapy to reduce muscle soreness and nutritional supplements to encourage over-all health.

We'll Tell You What You Need, You Tell Us What You Want

As your neighbor and experienced chiropractor, we want to work with you to create a plan that fits your specific needs and circumstances. We will be open with you about the treatment your body needs, and let you decide how much you want. Your recovery is our priority.


Chiropractic Care

Traditional Adjustments and Alignment

With our extensive experience in Chiropractic care for the last 39 years, we are experts at traditional (manual) adjustments and alignments. These techniques are very effective in relieving your pain and bringing your body back into balance.

ProAdjuster – Modern, Gentle Chiropractic Technology

Worried about the typical “snap, crackle, pop” treatment? Our investment in the ProAjuster allow us to adjust anyone from 6 months to 90 years old in an extremely gentle manner. These computerized techniques can be applied while you are sitting up rather than laying down and provide a gentler approach to adjustment and alignment. Only 10% of chiropractors are using this approach and we are proud to provide this unique technology-enhanced treatement to our patients.

More about our chiropractic technology

spinal physical therapy

Spinal Physical Therapy

Our Unique, All-In-One Office

At Alpine Spinal Rehab, our Unique Dynamic Recovery Program takes a special approach to spinal care. In order to serve you better, our treatments include physical therapy in addition to traditional chiropractic care. In this way we can relieve your pain and help you to strengthen muscle to keep the pain away.

Using Advanced Technology

To provide you with the very best treatment, we use advanced physical therapy technology: the MedX machines. These machines focus therapy to specific areas by keeping the rest of the body immobile. By isolating specific muscles, we will strengthen your injured soft-tissue and provide you with quantified analysis of muscle strength and recovery.

Long-Term Relief

We want to help your body heal so you can make a full recovery. Rehabilitating injured areas often requires more than just a quick adjustment. We strive to provide a long term solution through more consistent, but shorter period of treatment. By combining the benefits of chiropractic care with those of physical therapy, we help you get better so you can stay better.


Massage Therapy

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy can help you improve circulation, relax your muscles, and more. At Alpine Spinal Rehab, we often implement Massage Therapy as part of our Ultimate Dynamic Recovery Program to improve your healing process and reduce muscle soreness. Massage therapy, like everything else, is optional, but many patients report it being a great benefit to their recovery.

Professional Massage Therapists

Bodyworks Bliss is our in-house massage therapy center. Each of our staff is a licensed massage therapist and provides excellent care. Whether you need a relaxation, deep tissue, prenatal, or sports injury massage, our team can take care of all your massage therapy needs. Massage Therapy is available Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm or Saturday 10am to 1pm.

Massage Info and Pricing


Nutritional Supplements

Increasing your body's Natural Ability To Heal

Nutritional Supplements can strengthen your body’s natural ability to recover from injury, build strength, and stay healthy. Our knowledgeable doctors will advise you on which specific supplements will work best for your body and your treatment. Supplements can be purchased in our office or online.

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